A young life lost, almost

When a cousin died a few years ago leaving two young boys, most members of the family were queuing to take over the responsibility of raising the two boys. I know I was ready to put my neck on the line for the boys, despite the fact I was already a single mother of twin boys. I must have been on something to believe I was going to manage.

Due to family politics, the boys’ upbringing was not allocated to the first on the line. Immediately after my cousin passed on, the oldest started bunking school and eventually dropped out. As soon as he dropped out of school he decided to move in with his long lost, newly found dad. This was not a good idea as his decision to stay out of school could not be addressed. The father, who owns a fleet of taxis in the eyes of this youngster, was everything to him. A taxi mogul, hero and a father he has never known. The agenda of him finishing school was out of the question, he shut everyone out who advocated for him to go back to school.

I kept my distance because I never knew how to pretend as though I did not care that he was not at school.

Recently, the dad passed on as well, what the boy does not realise or maybe he does, is that when he reconnected with his dad, there were brothers and sisters older and younger than him…who will lay claim to the taxis and every other thing than he owned.

This young life now has to figure his life out, without the guidance or presence of any parent. I hope from this he can learn a key lesson that when an opportunity for getting an education presents itself, grab it and don’t look back, because the prize of ignorance is higher than the prize you pay for education.

I hope he will be strong enough to start building his life, it’s never too late to start…


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