My running diary


I enjoy my afternoon runs, it’s quiet in the estate, the sun has subsided the day is winding down.

I don’t usually jog with earphones on as I use this time to reflect on the day, listen to my thoughts. Some times I use the time to insult the people who messed my day up. I would just pick one, let’s call her Headache, I would recall what Headache said and the answer I really wanted to give but restrained myself from it.

So I would use this time to tell Headache off, in my head of course and I would laugh at myself because the answer would be so outrageous enough to get me fired!

I really enjoy these runs, so in my estate there are a couple of runners and walkers who also enjoy getting out at this time of the day. Some are couples which I greet cheerfully as they walk hand in hand in love looking at the sunset together probably telling each other just how much the other one means to the next. Oh love, such a beautiful thing….

And then there are a couple of females, a set that always jogs together and all they do when I pass them is talk, so they do more talking than jogging. They are African by the way. Then there is another set, two white ladies who jog and talk, they jog more though.

Then there are four single joggers, the one compares with me I swear, she always sprints out of nowhere! She always wears these leggings, see through leggings so every time I jog behind her I have to remember not to look!

There is this other one lady who jogs with so much poise it’s like she has no worry in the world. I like jogging past her….

My favorite has to be the one who jogs like she is about to fall and hit the ground! I always want to run to her and say “my sister try this posture and see what it would do for your running”. I used to jog like that until my very good friend Marcus told me one day when we were jogging together “Sithole keep your posture upright” and I have learned to be upright, I breathe easily, my head is held up high even when I’m struggling I just press on.

And there there are two guys that are always dressed in warm track suites and always jog alone. One of them always has his glasses on and I always wonder if he is comfortable running with them on…

I always think about what all the other fellow joggers and runners think about while they spend this time…I try and just spend a few minutes dedicated to Headache while I run, then the rest I want to feel every step I make….

I love running after work, its therapeutic