The ‘singles’ lunch

So two of my girlfriends, former co-workers decide that we should catch up over lunch. Melrose Arch Tasha’s is the setting for this lunch shing ding….

We kiss, hug, wish each other the best for the 2014 and compliment each other on how good we look. As soon as we found a good spot to settle down, we start talking about MEN! More so because all of us are somehow single! We are all single mothers with school going children and we spend minutes just talking about our children, the rest of the talk is about how we hate being single. Just a table across there is what seems like a couple, a “date-able” guy with either his girlfriend or sister! We are talking away even stealing looks and we notice that there is no conversation taking place at that table.

One of my friends then reckons that this guy can ask any of us out, he has got enough choice, tall skinny, short (mini-cooper), light and dark skinned that’s a combination of looks, shape for choice between the three of us. She further says she is willing to learn how to iron a guy’s shirt, go for cooking lessons just so a guy can feel man enough and not feel emasculated why do we have to even think this way? Because we desperately want to be in relationships?

We have light banter about not so good-looking men with their wives and girlfriends at Makro or Pick n Pay. And we decide! We also want someone to push our trolleys. My other friend, let’s just refer to her as Mini-Cooper, she is a bit short so when she goes grocery shopping she always has to ask someone at the grocery store to assist, says this one day she asks this guys who helps her with everything, the only thing he did not do was to push the trolley for her….and at the tills BOOM dude touches this granny looking lady and goes “are you done honey, I’ll pay now”. That was just it for her….

Then we spend a couple of minutes checking in if we have guy friends we could introduce to each other, a swap of some sort. Only one of us has someone but she fears that none of the other two will like him, because he is really not gifted in the looks department! So me I say, I am not looking for a Morris Chestnut lookalike! And she exclaims “my friend, we nicknamed him Shrek, that is just how this situation is”.

I decide to be brave and ask her to send me a pic of Shrek so I can meditate on it, who knows, I might just decide to change to be Fiona….