Bridging the Cultural Divide: A Colonial Epiphany 

Well written Tanya, every travel experience is meant to do just that, change our perspective for better.

Tanya's Thoughts

I recently travelled to Japan. As you will see in this post, I am still processing! One of the most powerful realisations I had deals with something which keeps cultures divided and perpetuates the lack of global humanity. I am talking about colonialism. Yes, I know this is a buzzword with negative connotations for some. I am cautious to apply this term because of its overuse by political extremists over the past 5 years. However, colonialism is the only word I can use to describe a subtle mindset which I became aware of.

I was brought up (and am still being brought up) in a liberal household. My parents were all part of the anti-apartheid movement during the late 80s. I went to a government primary and high school where people from different cultures grew together. I am now living in Metanoia, the most liberal residence at Stellenbosch University, where…

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