If not me, then who?

This post is from June 29, 2013….

In life when we are faced with relationship, financial, health or any problem for that matter, we are quick to question ‘Why me’

Maybe you are chosen because of your innate strength, because whatever life throws at you, you survive it.

I have faced many challenges in my life and I keep a mental note of them because I always have the opportunity to testify about my journey. I almost look forward to the end because of that opportunity to testify. I keep a mental note also because I hope one day to pen down some of my experiences.

One of my greatest challenges is excellent health. I have been blessed with good health and major ailments which now and then I have to face off with.

First, it was beating cancer, then an aided kidney and now again another form of cancer which is accelerating at some speed, even threatening to pass over the kidney issues…Smh. If I did not know better I’d say I do not take care if this body well enough! But I do very much so. Well I try.

I have found peace in accepting that I am somehow chosen to go through these challenges because my creator knows very well that he is always by my side, that I am a strong, resilient soul who will fight to the bitter end.

As I count down the hours to another journey, I look forward to coming through on the other side victorious and to be blessed with opportunities to share my testimony yet again.

I have been blessed with a small, close knit family and friends who are there for me every step of the way. Those who know me well, know very well I am my worse enemy, the most difficult person to give support to. I must admit, I am learning everyday to allow ‘you’ to support me in the best way you know how. With that said though understand that that is a huge part to let go of, understand when I need to be me and shut you out, because that’s what makes me me and that heals me in some way.

If not me, who else then should carry this ailment? I am happy to carry it because I know my creator will be there to catch me when I am about to fall, he will be there to remind me that I have my whole life ahead of me, that I have family and friends I care so much for and most importantly two young boys who still need my touch.

I am ready to begin the new chapter and look forward to testify at the end