The other part of my job

I have been sitting in a bench in a court room, labour court to be specific. My job is to manage media for a mining company and I have learned in the past few months that I not only need to be a pro in my actual job, but I also have to be equipped in dealing with all aspects of the business.

I am in court today, to field my fellow journalists who are covering the story of the platinum mining industrial action. I have not seen any of them outside, I guess my presence here today is just warming the bench.

My colleagues from Employee Relations, Human Resources and Legal take these issues in their strides. Listening to robust conversations around the affordability aspect of the wage demands and all sorts of conversations. The mediation process really is something else, the mediator comes and talks to one party about a certain position and that position is communicated to the other party….this does not mean there is agreement. There are caucuses in between…poor mediator has to take positions and responses across both parties.

I love my job everything that it is and with everything that it is not. Everyday, I learn some thing new….there is no day as the same as the previous one….