I miss you already, but


When I got confirmation that my boy was coming down for a visit…or ‘sneak in’ to Jozi as he’d say it. So the excitement started building up right from then, the days that followed I was consumed by trying to keep it together and not let the excitement take over my life.

So when the Friday came I drove to the airport with a big smile in my heart but my face was contained. I picked my boy up and as soon as we hit the R21 he became a true Capetonian! All these buildings, no mountain, no sea! I was in stitches 10minutes into his landing. I love that about him, he has the ability to make even the smallest meaningless thing funny.

The weekend was meant to be a time of unwinding in some remote area do the minimal, chill and just catch up. That is exactly what happened! Relaxed, weekend which ended with a bit of an adrenaline drive. I loved every minute of it, had time to catch up, relax and unwind.

Sunday morning was an adventure, the best way to spend my Sunday morning if I’m not in church! I love adventure, I make time to go and hike be out there in the wild and be one with nature…so a canopy tour of the Magalisberg was the order of the morning. Stunning scenery, mountains, fauna and flora, well not much fauna but some game in the farm and our group was lucky to spot some of it.

A group of 8 people, with two guides Tee and Tshepo who kept us entertained and safe throughout the tour. Tee and Tshepo love what they do, during the drive to the tour they kept us guessing, throwing all these brain teasers that we could not get right…Throughout the tour, they would talk to us and share the names of some of the beautiful trees surrounding us, talk about their characteristics etc.

The tour was fun, special and I will remember it always, more so because I shared it with a very special person in my life and six other people and of course our tour guides!

Just like life intends, the weekend had to end and end it did…when I went down to Cape Town for a visit, I had an amazing time, Hermanus, whale watching, the scenic drive, the parting and hanging out with new friends was epic! That weekend ended and I thought I’d never survive the end, I did.

I always use everyday situations to learn something, big or small! I have learned that some lessons are not necessarily nice ones, revelations can be hurtful! So while in Cape Town, I learned one vital lesson. I really cannot share it, but I can say that it was not a happy realization, that it hurt a little. I set that aside and had the best time in Cape Town.

So before the anticipated weekend, the lesson came! Again it was not a happy one, but definitely not one I can ignore. So I did what I do the best, I parked it aside so that I could still enjoy my weekend.

Now that the weekend is gone, it’s time to contemplate my action, measured action, which must have minimal impact. So, contemplation coupled with action commences. The Fox will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Sometimes we make choices in life, sometimes they make us….


One thought on “I miss you already, but

  1. Nthabiseng says:

    Beautiful honey, live in the moment for your happiness is what will keep you sane and at ease during the dullest moments.

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