Socially, just running


Yesterday while suburbia was still quiet due to sleep, I decided to sacrifice my sleep, get up and go train for the upcoming race.

As I expected, there were others who were doing exactly what I was doing. As I got out of the estate gate, there comes my neighbor who is also running at least 4 times a week, we stand for a chat and he tells me he just had to loose the weight because even his son is insisting he loose the weight. Apparently he used to have a six pack!

So I carried on with my run, I had targeted to turn back up the road by the local Spar and its not close by, resilience is needed or maybe endurance. I brave the route though, running and taking brisk walking breaks, am so out of breath mostly and I’m starting to get annoyed with myself! In my head I keep on telling myself that I used to run this route like nobody’s business, in fact I would pass the Spar like it’s not even there.

Along the road I pass runners of all types, real runners and social runners…I spot social runners by the type of shoes they wear to run even their clothes. The one guy passed me at lightning speed wearing Vans sneakers, then when I passed him he exclaimed that this running thing is not his thing. I just said it’s hard but press on, it’s worth in in the end.

I continued with my tough run, to meet two real runners along the road, they are chatty, the greet and make noise encouraging you to carry on especially when they see you taking a walking break! It’s the comradie effect of runners, the knowing that it’s not easy. I meet a couple of social runners who just pass like you not even there. I take one look and wish them well, see a while back I just ran past this guy without even a ‘hello’ to trip and fall shortly after I passed him and guess who can to my rescue? Him of course…for the record this was my second fall, the first one was due to the wet grass, i slipped and fell…cars passing by hooted with excitement I think, I just lay there for a while, then started laughing, got up dusted the grass off myself and started running again.

Anyway, back to yesterday’s run, coming back was smooth until I got to the estate next to my one, it’s a bit steep, I always walk that steep! Always…I promise I will brave it next time or rather soon. Walking approaching this lady, I hear a strange sound but think it’s coming from close by, by the grass maybe! Then as I pass her the sound is now clearly audibly the sound comes from her! She is wearing plastic bags inside her gear! I double take her and almost asked her what’s with the plastic story really? I see a lot of people dressing up in plastics when running.

I once heard a theory that plastic makes you sweat so much that as you sweat it’s good for weight loss, thing is the amount of water you loose thorough perspiration you get home are refill it because you are thirsty and drink until you are fulfilled. Maybe I’ve missed something important on this plastic story.

Anyway, I decided to continue my battle of running through the steep & left her and her plastics alone.

Life of a runner, Aluta Continua, the struggle continues,


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