It’s started on Saturday….


This is a delayed post…really delayed.

On Saturday, the past one I decided to take part in this fun run/walk in Irene, this will serve as my 1st training session in preparation for the Soweto Race I registered to take part in. Okay, let me just say the race I’m doing is 10 whole kilometers!

Early morning I leave my house kitted in running gear, with my phone ready to start tracking my session.

Usually the fun walks are noisy with friends holding each other’s hands, dogs, strollers – it’s just a social fun walk/run and can get annoying for a seasoned runner.

Okay, so I am not sure I should refer to myself as a seasoned runner! The last time I ran was some time in May and I feel so unfit…

Anyways, I am seasoned, more seasoned than those walkers who did the fun run with me.

I struggled though, I felt so heavy, sluggish like I had someone else’s body and the legs I was using to run were not mine at all. Alas, I pushed, I cannot go take part in a fun walk and come back empty handed or without crossing the finishing line!

I decided to have fun during the race because I cannot run with music, I want to feel every step I make and marvel in it. I decide to take pictures of random people, I do that for a while until it just becomes too much. So throughout the race there is that one or two people that you look at and think ” you, I’ll do so much better than you” and I have two that I’ve picked up as I was walking around before the race started.

The one bumped into me like she did not see where she was headed, so instead of excusing herself, she just stormed off. So there I was after that incident thinking she really needs this fun walk to infuse some light in her life. Since then I decided that she will not cross the line before me, even if I had to race right in front of her, you know like they do during serious races? Yeah… That kind of crossing the finish line…

While I was standing my the fence minding my business, this group of loud ones are busy taking selfies and making a big deal out of that. Again, I look at them and think they probably doing this for the very first time, too excited and they do not care about who was watching! I spot just one of the, and decide she will not finish before me!

During the run I spot the 1st competitor, my good heart says I should I
Inform her that we are completing so that she can bring her A game on, and then again I realise if I had my A game, I would not be in this race… She is a very unhappy person generally, she passed me and pumped into some girls who were strolling in front as though they have eyes to see who is coming from the back…so I follow behind her at an average pace, when she slows down for a walk, I pick my pace up, run past her and of course because of my appealing fitness levels, I then later on have to walk to take a break…and then she passes me again, so that was the morning fun run/walk.

As I was running back to the finish line maybe about half a kilometer away, I spot miss selfie herself…so I decide to slow down because I really want to get a picture of the two who have made this fun run interesting and somehow competitive. As my luck would have it, bang! They are alongside each other and I have the perfect opportunity to take a picture of these two!

1st competitor is the one in the pink top and miss selfie is wearing a mint sweater around her waist.

I must say the agro one turned after a couple of clicks to check what the hell was happening? I just looked the other way and from there sprinted all the way to the finish line and crossed it before the two of them….

Now to some more training for the Soweto Race and hours on the road improving my pace and resilience.


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