Calm Down, it’s only a birthday


So every year at the beginning of September I start dreading the fact that it’s my birthday month.

Unlike some of you who ensure that you post a” Calm Down its My Birthday Month” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …status update and make sure you remind us even during conversations that are totally unrelated…I mean, really now.

Anyway, so what I have are two dates on my profiles which I swop around to make sure that I don’t get unnecessary, unwanted attention from people I am not even close to. See, Facebook friends are really not friends…for me that is…I don’t know 70% of them…and the 30% that I know, most of them would not be in any position to know when my birthday is.

I prefer to celebrate my birthday with close family and friends, so if I want you to know when my birthday is, I will make sure you know and if you know, then know this, you are important in my life, what you do with knowing when my birthday is, is up to you. If you choose to forget then, I can’t help it.

So today, a few friends, friends I love, my family wished me happy birthday…kind beautiful words which I appreciate so so much..and then, someone on Facebook decided to go through my profile take one of my pics and tag me on a post wishing me a very happy birthday, so I just untagged myself on their post and removed it from my timeline…At the time of writing this post, she has not called me or sent a text message but she took her time out to publish to the world that she is my friend and she is wishing me a very good day for my birthday.

Anyway, moving along swiftly, today as I was worrying about who knows about my birthday and how they found out, I receive one of the most emotional e-mails from a friend who copied an abstract of an e-mail he received from his mom on this day 18 September eleven years ago, this e-mail was to be the last e-mail from his mom, as she met her untimely death shortly after that. This brought tears to my eyes, and made me realise just how much we go around worrying about small things when other people are dealing with final and heavy issues.

I am grateful today that I still have the gift of life, I am not in hospital; in fact I am on my way to improved health. I use this day to reflect on my life where I am right now, where I am headed, milestones and every important part of my being and to do this I have to be in the zone, my zone, my space, my lonesome…

Allow me to be silly and share some of the reasons why I would consider to celebrate my birthday publicly if I decided to…all these things come with age of course

– Wisdom

– Self-confidence

– You’ve figured out shortcuts to some things…i.e. no longer use recipes to cook

– Being grateful – when we mature we know how to put things in perspective, what’s trivial and what really matters

– Accomplishments really stack up…with age it becomes a list of accomplishments

– Cake – I love cake, I can have it any day of the week

So I am still not convinced why my birthday should be a public affair because all of these things I have mentioned above, I still get to do in the privacy of my life…

So this is as public as it gets and only this year…so if you read my blog and remember next year on this day, you will send your regards if you choose to or not.

Happy birthday to me


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