The length of my gown does not define who I am…


This morning just after my X-ray, I jumped back into bed to get some rest. A short while after that one of the young nurses comes through to do some routine monitoring.

I realise that she’ll be coming to examine me next so I run quickly to the loo. As soon as I come back this young nurse asks me “would you like a hospital gown” so I say no thank you why would you ask that, she answers no reason. I probe further and tell her there is no way you would just out of the blue offer my a hospital gown. Do you find my gown inappropriate? She answered no, so I told her to be honest with herself at least.

She left the ward. Soon after she left my roomie tells me that she made a comment that my gown was short. I am not sure why she would feel that way because she is not the one wearing it.

I just do not like judgmental, dishonest people. If you are judgmental keep it to yourself. This young nurse has her life ahead of her, when I was being admitted she could not even complete a mere admission form.

If I were her, I would focus on mastering my job, use every opportunity to learn more about her job…

As for my gown, I will wear it as short as I want to, because I am so very comfortable in my skin and I love the skin I’m in…


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