Organizing life from a hospital bed


When I found myself being admitted in hospital in July yet again, I was like “not again, can one year just go by without me being hospitalized?”

Anyway, I have learned over the years that the moment I am told that I will be spending a couple of days in hospital, the sooner I embrace it the better it is for me.

So, I immediately go into ‘organize life mode’, more so this time because it was during school holidays and the boys were at regional hockey camp. A friend who has been loafing around at home due to a change in employment conditions was of course available to help with the boys! That part was sorted. Someone to pick the boys up from hockey camp, buy them some perishables and drop them off at home, check!

Because this friend is my homie, lover, friend…a very special friend, I enjoyed a visit from the boys in hospital while on their way home and got to receive a couple of pictures from prize giving ceremony.

Now, I had to plan for the boys to get a hair cut, packing of bags for school, one final visit before they go to school and lastly for a lift to school.

A couple of friends are always around to help out now and then when I need them, especially when I’m in hospital. That’s the only time I need help really, so I’ve learned to ask for help.

After a couple of phone calls I had one friend taking the boys for a haircut, some replenishment of perishables and bringing them to hospital for yet another visit…

Packing of their school bags is an activity that requires supervision, so this was one area I was worried about! If I could I could go home for an hour or so pack or pick the clothes quickly and return to my hospital bed! Now that’ll be impossible even I know that. I ask my trusted sister to take care of this aspect, anyway she did not help and my helper ended up packing every piece of clothing for the boys to take to school! And I did not know this until I was back from hospital on a Sunday morning when we had to go to church and they had no decent clothes for church….urrrrg so this is one aspect that I could not control! Epic fail!

The day for them to get to school went very smooth, were picked up by another trusted friend, and everything went well with the drop off!

So I figure, if I had to stay in hospital longer than I have thus far, I would manage very well and that sort of makes it more acceptable to stay there….I even managed to take selfies with some nursing staff…next target is to convince my urologist to take a selfie with me…


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