Note to self

So I have been making an attempt at being approachable, friendly, I have been exercising the “note to self” approach, as advised by my more experienced and seasoned colleagues.

So the past week as I make my normal trip to a local Woolworths to grab something to eat, I get out of the car with a note to self…”be approachable” get into the store with a smile on my face and the next thing I know, a man is smiling back at me. I greet politely and move to get on with my business.

As I leave the store, guy is there standing by the door, instinctively I look at the fingers and guess what he is wearing an unmissable wedding band…what is wrong with married guys? Why don’t they just keep to themselves? uuuurg…my efforts, gone down the drain, waisted…so I dismiss him as fast as I see the ring and it’s done.

Then the following day just as I am walking to the office just off the bus, with the note to self in mind…a street vendor greets me with such glee. Now I really appreciate that I am making notable progress but a street vendor? No man I know I can do better than that. I guess I can pat myself on the shoulder for being able to be approachable and be greeted by two strangers…

I am learning, be approachable and expect to be approached by all kinds, even the wrong ones, walk slow in case some one wants to say hi….

As I write this, two decent looking guys in the train with me, one next to me and the other across, I keep on stealing stares because I am asking myself, could I date you? In asking myself these questions I find that both are definitely no go areas..for is wearing painted shiny shoes with some glaring grey, maroon cargo pants and a navy blue sweater. The other is wearing a peach cotton shirt with maroon pants also, a striped sweater with navy and brown detail…oh just my luck, what is it with guys and maroon pants? Maybe it’s a winter trend.

Oh well, I guess I will be continuing on that note to self tip….


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